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[title text=”Frequently Asked Questions”]

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

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[accordion-item title=”Do I need an appointment”]

We will welcome you whenever you come, with or without an appointment. But, there are days when our bridal suites are completely full. To make sure that you have a bridal suite for trying on and a stylist all to yourself, we recommend calling ahead and booking an appointment or book online.

We now offer various levels of appointment packages to help give you the ultimate bridal experience while shopping for your wedding gown. Packages are by appointment only and bookings are required a minimum of 5 days prior to your desired appointment date.

[accordion-item title=”What price range are your gowns?”]

We understand budgets and highly recommend setting a budget for your whole wedding before you beginning shopping for vendors and your clothing. Having a budget to refer to can lessen the stress factor and keep you, your fiancé and any parents involved all on the same page. 

Our wedding gowns range in price from $1,000 to $6,500 (excluding Sale items). The majority of our gowns are between $1,500 and $3,000.

[accordion-item title=”How long does it take to get a gown?”]

Once your deposit is paid your order will be submitted with the label. From there it typically takes 5-6months for your gown to arrive except in special circumstances like Christmas and New Year. Closures over these periods extend the gown delivery by about 6-8 weeks so it’s standard for gowns to take approximately 6-6.5 months to arrive over this period.

Some of our labels offer a shorter delivery period and almost all of our gowns can be purchased off the shelf so if you are cutting it a little fine (or maybe a lot fine) to the typical ordering timeframe we can still help you!

[accordion-item title=”How much deposit do I need?”]

Typically with re-orderable gowns we will ask for a 20% deposit (eg. If the total sale = $2000 the deposit would be $400). In most cases we offer a 4month layby. Your layby does not dictate when the gown will arrive and in most cases your final payment is due before the gown arrives. Don’t forget though that we will give you a call as soon as it does!

[accordion-item title=”What size are your samples?”]

Our sample gowns are in sizes 4 – 28. Not every style is in every size, but our collection includes several gowns in each size for trying on.

Once you’ve found your dream dress, our expert stylists will take your measurements and then advise you on the size to order. The final decision of what size you order is yours. Almost all special order gowns will need some alterations to achieve the perfect fit.

[accordion-item title=”When should I order my veil and other accessories?”]

Accessories are the icing on the cake. Our stylists are very experienced at pulling together your whole look during your bridal gown appointment. Often, seeing the whole ensemble together helps the bride say “ ‘Yes’, this is my dress!” Of course, you’re always welcomed back if you need more time to make your final decision. 

Keep in mind, some accessories are special order too, and while they don’t usually take as much time as a wedding gown, it can be several weeks.

[accordion-item title=”What happens after my gown arrives?”]

Once your gown arrives in store we will check it over and give you a call. At this point we will organise a time to come in and collect your gown. We usually require 3-5 days notice prior to collection as we need time to iron and recheck it’s perfect for you. You will have 30 days to collect your gown before storage is charged.

[accordion-item title=”What if I need some adjustments?”]

At the time of purchase (or collection depending on time frames from the wedding date) we can offer you dressmakers details depending on where you live. These ladies work from home and are well used to doing the alterations for Sugar & Spice gowns. Please call them directly to make a time as we do not organise the alterations on your behalf.

[accordion-item title=”Can I store my gown?”]

Is your wedding a little while away still? Or would you just prefer us to hang onto your gown? That isn’t an issue at all. Once you have been phone to be advised of your gowns arrival you have 30 days to collect your gown before gown storage is charged at $25 per month payable at the start of the month. Please note that by storing your gown this does not extend your layby terms and your gown will still need to be paid in full by the end date of the layby.




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[title text=”Send us an email”]



If you have any questions please contact us on 07 3350 4595


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