As you all have noticed the need for a traditional church wedding has lessened over the years as has the need for your traditional black formal suits.

The trend which I am pleased to say is heading head long into navy. An excellent choice for a timeless yet modern look. Navy suits are softer for outdoor or garden weddings and don’t scream at the backdrop but on the other hand look equally at home standing at the alter.

For years, we have all looked at the men’s suits as the final piece of the puzzle and whatever fits and looks good is what we go with. These days however it is nice to see them become a more integral part of the wedding planning process and in a lot of cases the colour of the men’s suits helps to shape the look and feel of the wedding. No longer does tradition dictate that the bride gets all in the say in the wedding decision making process and it’s nice to see that men are becoming more involved in the process and a lot have embraced the opportunity to choose their suits.

Navy is an excellent colour to add to your wedding as it expresses modern sophistication along with urban chic and paired with tan shoes and belt can be an ideal outfit for use at the races and other functions later.

Navy is one of those versatile colours that which works with almost any bridesmaid dress. My personal favourites for the girls gowns are an ice pink, coral or lilac. These colours can be brought in in the forms of the buttonhole flower or handkerchief or the boys ties.

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