Sugar & Spice have been in the menswear business for a very long time (almost 30 years in fact). Over this period we have seen a number of styles come and go for better or for worse, I’ll leave that up to you!

Suit hire has always been a core ingredient in the Sugar & Spice DNA but in the recent years it would seem that as the retail suit prices drop to a more realistic $$ the need for suit hire is dropping. Hence we have taken a big leap of faith and found a fantastic range of retail suits starting at just $189! And don’t think we are short on the colour range either – we have an awesome range of suits from blue to navy, from grey to charcoal and of course the ever fashionable black. J

What makes our suits different from other stores? Well for starters we have an excellent size range which our menswear specialist staff can help size you up correctly in. We also offer split sizing in most of our retail suits. What does this mean I hear you ask? Well in most retail menswear stores their suits are sold in a jacket/pants combo and unless you fit in the ‘standard’ sizing ie. 42R Jacket with 36R pants then you often run into the issue of the pants being too big or small depending. At Sugar & Spice we have the option to order you your jacket and pants separately which means you can be fitted out in the correct sizes without compromise. Very handy for attending a wedding or a formal.

You don’t need an appointment to come in and visit us so please just pop into the Showroom store at Chermside and the team can help find you the ideal suit for your function!

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