As we get progressively further away from tradition so do the wedding gowns. Over the last few years we have seen some gorgeous soft wedding gown colours come through the seasons. We have enjoyed the soft pale pink, the Disney blue and many others all with their own slight variation depending on fabrics and styles.

No longer is white the ‘go to’ wedding dress colour… In fact it’s rarely the go to colour these days. Some of our gorgeous brides still want that perfect crisp white wedding gown but with more and more weddings being held outside white tends to turn a little too white in the photos causing what they call a ‘blow out effect’ which is where you lose most if not all detail on the white wedding gown to really be a vision in white.

To avoid this problem brides are now leaning towards Ivory and champagne colours which really shows off the gorgeous laces and detail now found in wedding gowns. The fresh addition to these hues is the introduction of Rum pink, nude and taupe. These colours are used as the underlayer with an ivory lace or tulle overlay giving a soft but dramatic effect which leans right into the bohemian/rustic weddings we have seen in recent times. All gorgeous colours and subtle yet pack a beautiful punch to the detail of your gown in the photos.

Because Australia (in most parts) has such beautiful weather all year round, our typical ‘Spring time’ colours don’t have to be so season specific. Wedding gowns are quite progressive now with soft pale pinks, lavenders, blues, silvers and the likes. Perfect if you are looking for that soft almost whimsical spring/summer feeling on your wedding day.

There is a fabulous and extensive range available at so my suggestion is to take a moment and see if you can decide which gorgeous colour you  want to wear on your big day!


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