How many gorgeous brides do you think we get that say they are going to loose weight for their big day? … You’re right, nearly everyone. Unfortunately we see most of our brides try the fast diet, get slim quick method which may offer short term gains but doesn’t help them create a healthier lifestyle for them to continue with. I decided to take the plunge and try to find a method to help all of our beautiful brides regardless of their physical abilities to create a healthier way of living with long term effects and give them that awesome figure for their wedding day!

I joined Goodlife Health Clubs and as much as I love the club and enjoy the workouts I found it really hard to stay motivated continually going to pump classes etc. I do however highly recommend their stretch class on a Wednesday morning.

12RND Fitness opened up just next door to my work here at Chermside and the boys dropped in to say high and introduce themselves so I decided to give them a try. They have it set up with 12 stations with different activities at each station. You move through each station every 3 minutes with a 30second rest in between. From boxing exercises to rowing machines and Olympic rings you can decide to do all 12 rounds or as many as you can handle. They operate with a club manager and a PT in the gym most of the time and for about $35ish dollars a week it’s the cheapest version of PT sessions I’ve ever found.

I can honestly say that after a few sessions of this I had muscles whinging that I didn’t even know existed and I felt great! 12RND is surprisingly addictive and I say with certainty that I’m loving it and have been in the best shape I’ve been in in a long while because of it. It’s an achievable and sustainable way to help you loose weight and feel amazing.

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