Over the last few months we have seen more and more brides turning away from the traditional laces that have been our entire world for the last few years.. which to be perfectly honest, we are really excited about!

With this change in demands it has reopened the design field that was otherwise getting just a little stale (in my personal opinion) industry wide. IN 2020 we are seeing some amazing new creations come into play and I truly believe our brides (you) are ready for them!

We are seeing the increased interest in bling and in funky and unusual lace and design detail. Which is just fantastic and the designers have responded in kind! I had a sneak peak at our new 2020 collection which will arrive at the end of February and I was seriously excited!! We have some STUNNING wedding gowns on the way and I hope you will be as excited as we are for when they arrive… We also have a new label to hit our shelves that will be its first shop in Australia to receive the new range… so if you haven’t already, book your appointment after the 26th February and you will get a chance to see them!

We hope you have had a wonderful start to the year and all the very best with your wedding plans


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