There are a lot of articles and a lot of speculation of where some of our wedding traditions came from. And while I have no intention to go into them all there are a few which are always a source of entertainment for those we share them with. So today I can enjoy sharing them with you!


White Bridesmaids –

The original purpose of having bridesmaids was to dress them in white so that any evil spirit lurking in the church would be unable to tell which woman was the bride. – Creepy right?!


The White wedding gown –

The white gown is a debated topic but the one that seems to ring true is that the white wedding dress was born from the Christian era to indicate the purity and virginity of the bride. Thankfully for most of us we can wear whatever colour we choose and now it has no reference to our purity. If it did I think most of us would be wearing black down the isle, I know I would!


The Isle width and the train on the wedding gown –

Surprisingly these two things are linked. Back when in the day it was mostly arranged marriages and it was rare that the bride and groom actually saw each other before the altar. The original reason a bride had a train on her gown is because it forced her to continue moving forward down the isle (as for those of you who have tried to reverse in a wedding gown you either can’t do it or you end up on your butt!)

The isle is the width it is because between the train on her gown the bride didn’t have enough room to turn around once she’d entered the isle. – NO Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride for her!


The Veil –

The original reason for the veil is actually the same reason as the train however the veil prevents the groom from seeing the bride until it’s too late. Traditionally the veil is not removed until after the vows have been exchanged! Personally this is another tradition I’m glad has gone mostly out the window and we now can remove the veil when we make it down the isle because for anyone who has tried to concentrate with a veil getting stuck on their eyelashes is a better woman than I!


So there are just a couple of the old school wedding traditions we still practice, even if the circumstances are different.

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