This is a question that a lot of people struggle with when starting the dress shopping process. We are so accustomed to buying the on trend fashion styles that when it comes to choosing a wedding gown we are (rightly so) left to flounder without the necessary education on what style/gown shape actually suits our bodies.

At Sugar & Spice we are dedicated to not only finding a perfect gown for you, when you leave our store you will have been taken through the education process on why your chosen gown works so well on your shape. I’m going to try and put it simply for you to help give you a head-start on your dress education!

As most people are aware woman have a large variety of body shapes but for today and to keep it simple I’m going to use the main shapes; Pear, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass, Rounded (or Apple), Column and Diamond.

Now what a lot of people don’t know is that there are only 6 main styles to bridal gowns – I know right?! Out of the hundreds, possibly thousands of styles most of them can be categorised into these main categories; Fishtail, Mermaid, Trumpet, Fit & Flair, Aline & Ball gown.

So now it’s just a case of marrying up your body shape with the dress styles. Now I should note at these points that each body shape can come in all different sizes and some women will surprise us by rocking a particular gown shape that goes against the norm. So my advice is a general (but good) rule and a good starting point for any bride starting her search for a gown.

Typically if you have an Hourglass shape you can wear pretty much any gown shape you want. Now before the rest of us throw up our arms let me remind these very fortunate few that now you have sooo many options it’ll make it hard to choose!

If you are an Inverted Triangle shape like me or a Rectangle/Column Shape we tend to work with something that flairs off the hips in order to help emphasise our waists and balance our shoulders. So I would suggested either something with a peplum if your chasing a fitted gown or a ball gown style. Try and stay away from the Mermaid & Fit & Flair shapes – this generally gives us a look of a thick waist and broad shoulders.

Pear & Triangle shapes are best suited to an Aline dress shape as it maximises your little waists and covers the thighs. Ball gowns can also be your friends if you’re after a poofy princess look.

Diamond & Apple (or Rounded) shapes also look excellent in an Aline or Fit & Flair style wedding gown as they stretch out the torso and gives you balance between your shoulders and hips.

That all being said it’s important that you explore the dress styles before making your choice so you best understand why you look as amazing as you do in the dress you choose! We look forward to being able to help you through the education and dress choosing process so please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07 3350 4595 as appointments are required.

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