What flowers are your pick?

Some say that choosing the flowers are the hardest part of the wedding planning, others say the easiest.. I believe that the choosing of your wedding flowers is your own journey and is unique to each and every bride.

Personally I went with my all time favourite flower – the Queen of the Night (super dark purple) Tulips! I had 7 simple wrapped stems and left it at that. For others it’s a tricky compromise of colour, life and appropriateness to the wedding theme.

What’s the current trend you ask? Well from talking with our brides at Destination Bridal I discovered that soft greenery and subtle colour was the way forward. But that’s only one option.

The amazing and talented team at Northside Flower Market (responsible for all above pictures) are more than happy to help you find the perfect look for your big day! They also carry a stunning collection of market fresh flowers that you can buy and play around with or perhaps try one of their floristry classes and have a go at making the centrepieces yourself?! The sky’s the limit.

Happy Shopping!

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